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129: Jen MacQuarrie on Success Habits

success habitsJen MacQuarrie is a Habit Success Coach and founder of Bright Habits. She helps people achieve their biggest life goals step by step, one habit at a time. Jen understands the power of habits because she turned her own life around by creating a 5 AM wake up habit for daily exercise and personal development. Jen is also a musician and lead vocalist with her band Magnetic. Jen loves helping others to discover their passions and create habits that will support their success.

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Playing Small Moment

As a wife and mom with a corporate position in 2011, Jen found herself with a victim mindset, just moving through the motions. She was not participating in anything that she was passionate about. Jen was basically living to please everyone else, without any time for herself. Eventually this took a toll on her mentally and she became resentful. After some soul-searching, Jen watched an Oprah video about finding your life purpose and was inspired to make some changes.

The Wake Up Call

Once Jen had seen The 5am Wake Up, that became the biggest moment of change for her. After that video, she knew what she had to do to change and began her new morning ritual: setting her alarm, doing her workout and practicing with her guitar.

Style of Leadership

Jen leads with quiet confidence. She would describe herself as an ambivert who leans more towards introvert. This allows Jen to listen and understand what people are going through so she can gently guide them. Jen is also big on leading by example.

What Are You Excited About?

Jen has started a one-on-one coaching to help her students change their habits on a small level so that they can achieve a goal that may seem out of reach. She is also showing people the power of the 5am Wake Up.

Leadership Practice

The 5am Wake Up makes Jen a better leader. She is always learning, reading, attending trainings to better her knowledge to help her clients.

Book to Develop Leadership

The Leader Who Had No Title, by Robin Sharma

Advice For Younger Self

Don’t worry so much what everyone else thinks. Jen was a people pleaser and would worry about everyone else’s opinions. Go forward with the things you are most passionate about.

Inspirational Quote

“Be responsible for the energy you bring into a room.” ~ Jen MacQuarrie

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