089: John Lee Dumas on Being a Person of Value

valueJohn Lee Dumas is the founder & host of Entrepreneur on Fire, a top ranked business Podcast where he interviews today’s most inspiring Entrepreneurs 7 days a week. An army veteran and dabbler of professions, he felt unfulfilled in his career until he hit upon his mission – to inspire and motivate would-be and newbie entrepreneurs, to keep going and to find success through all the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial roller coaster.

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A Woman Who Has Influenced Your Life 

When John first had the idea of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, it was just an idea. He had no clue how to start, nor did he have any background experience. John found someone in a place where he wanted to be, Jamie Tardy, the host of Eventual Millionaire. He asked her for mentorship but also made sure to ask how he could add value.

What He Sees That Hold Women Back 

John sees a lot of women hold themselves back from within. In the military, he saw many females shy away from command, but he could not understand why, and knows he would have obeyed their orders. If you know you can deliver, you can create the results people want, that’s all they care about.

What He Has Learned from Women 

John has found that women are quicker at finding their voice as an entrepreneur than men; and that while some women might struggle, they often feel more comfortable being themselves.

What He is Excited About

Throughout 2015, John has been hard at work on The Freedom Journal, which can help you set and accomplish your #1 goal in 100 days. All proceeds of the kickstarter campaign are going to Pencils of Promise.

Inspirational Quote 

“Try not to become a person of success but a person of value.” ~ Albert Einstein

Leadership Practice 

John’s main leadership practice is focusing on his morning ritual. Making sure he takes care of himself and then he can take care of fire nation the rest of the day. Focus on yourself first.

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