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249: Keisha Reynolds on the Valuable Risk to Be You

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Keisha Reynolds is an expert marketer and project management strategist. She developed skills within a 20-year career mastering being a spokesperson, handling media crisis, implementing project schedules, developing strategies, writing speeches and articles, executing events and managing online tools for nonprofits, corporate businesses and government agencies.

Keisha uses her skills to coach inspirational business owners and entrepreneurs to “next level” their brands through increased visibility and comprehensive strategies.

She lives in Maryland with her husband and son. Outside of spending time with her family, Keisha enjoys creative writing and running her podcast, Global Warriors.

Playing Small Moment

Keisha had always followed other people’s rules and thought that in order to be successful, she had to follow the path that many others had taken. Keisha was on the path that her parents had wanted her to follow, and was successful by many standards, but realized something was missing. While doing research for a children’s book she was writing, Keisha stumbled upon an internship in Tanzania offered by Jane Goodall. Keisha wasn’t sure if she would be accepted, but the opportunity both scared and excited her and she was determined to apply. Being accepted into that internship changed Keisha’s life.

Style of Leadership

Like most others, Keisha’s leadership style has changed over time and now that she trusts herself more, she would call herself an intuitive leader. Teamwork has also always been very important to Keisha, and she doesn’t try to hide in the background anymore.

What Are You Excited About?

In the past, Keisha’s marketing business and spirituality have always been separate. After attending a recent business conference, she was inspired to embrace her spirituality to help change the world. Keisha is excited about her new interview series featuring well-known influencers as they talk about how they are using their message to transform others. Two ideas that were once very separate to her have come together and given her a new way to think about marketing.

Current Business Challenge

Now that Keisha is working one-on-one with more entrepreneurs and change makers, she struggles with ways to get her message across to more people without taking away from the experience. Family, freedom and travel are all still very important to Keisha, and she doesn’t want to take away from those things, but wants to spread her knowledge.

Leadership Practice

Meditation is key to keeping Keisha level in her daily routine. When Keisha taps into that divine energy source, she has a better reaction to unexpected things that happen to pop up during the day.

Advice For Younger Self

“Be authentic.” In the past, Keisha would strive to be what others wanted her to be, but always had the best results when she was true to herself.

Inspirational Quote

“There is something inside of us that transcends the human experience of race, and culture, and class, and for me thats the human spirit.”


Instagram: @keishamreynolds

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