105: Kerry Heaps on Following Your Windy Road

roadKerry Heaps is the Founder and President of Kerry’s Network, Inc., a marketing organization that provides business-to-business marketing services. She is also the host of Strictly Marketing Talk Radio and publisher of Strictly Marketing Magazine. The magazine has recently spun off an online community for Strictly Women in Marketing, and for Women (and Men) looking to gain more media exposure. Kerry also has part ownership in other businesses in the fashion and beauty industry. Her passion is to help other entrepreneurs with their marketing efforts to continue their dream of running a successful business.

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Playing Small Moment

Kerry realized she was playing small when she would take on clients in a desperate need, instead of waiting for the right ones to come along. Kerry would devalue herself by lowering prices or giving discounts that could hurt her business in the long-run.

The Wake Up Call

During Kerry’s trade-show networking days, is where she had her ‘aha’ moment. Other people were trying to lure away her members, which created an unhealthy competition. It got to the point where it would keep her up at night. She decided to go to a colleague to vent and he told her, “If you won the lottery would you still be doing these trade-shows?” She has never done a trade-show again.

Style of Leadership

Kerry’s leadership style is different from other women. She doesn’t sugar coat anything. She tells people the things they don’t want to hear. Kerry is sympathetic; however, if she feels you need to hear something she isn’t afraid to tell you.

What Are You Excited About?

Kerry has a 30-day Publicity Boot Camp. She wants women to feel less intimated, instead of talking themselves out of opportunities. Everyone is welcome, this isn’t just for women.

Leadership Practice

Listening is a key to being a good leader. Listen to your people and where they are having troubles. Kerry follows these rules for actively listening: be quite, have a talk one-on-one, take notes, and be open minded.

Book to Develop Leadership

How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Advice to Younger Self

Kerry would tell her younger self to trust her gut. She says if there is something in your business that you don’t feel right about, stop until your feeling goes away. Women are intuitive, follow your instincts.

Inspirational Quote

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it ~ Bert Lance

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