115: Laura Novak Meyer on Leadership through Franchising

franchisingLaura Novak Meyer is the owner and founder of Little Nest Portraits, a luxury boutique brand of photography studios specializing in family portraiture. As an independent photographer, Laura built Little Nest Portraits as a way to meet customer demand in an underserved niche of the market. Today Laura is one of only 3 % of women business owners to grow her company to more than a million dollars in revenue. Little Nest Portraits is now an emerging franchise company staying true to its leader’s core values, vision and passion.

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Playing Small Moment

Laura played small when she first started Little Nest Portraits. She believed this was a temporary solution to an economic downturn.  Laura thought Little Nest Portraits was going to be a little spin off of Laura Novak Photography.

The Wake Up Call

Laura had a wake up call was when she delegated ‘culture’ to a senior manager. The senior manager created a culture of fear and blame. It took Laura almost two years to undo that. She realized culture is the one thing you cannot delegate.

Style of Leadership

Humility through service is her leadership style. Laura is always asking other people what she can do to make them more successful.

What Are You Excited About?

Laura is thrilled about franchising. She is excited to see the systems and processes working so well.

Leadership Practice

Meditation is the one practice that makes Laura a better leader.

Book to Develop Leadership

Rising Strong by Brené Brown

Advice For Younger Self

Don’t take the bait when people try to hand you negativity.

Inspirational Quote

“Peace in my heart and wisdom out of my mouth.” ~Laura Novak Meyer

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