147: Lauren Copeland on How to Create Balance While Busy


Lauren Copeland is an empowering Life and Clarity Coach for amazing women who feel the call to be more, do more and live more! By working together, we discover what your ‘mores’ really are in life and business, how you can make them happen, and pursue the life you love without sacrificing your unique self.

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Playing Small Moment

Lauren knew the 9-5 was not for her and she was excited to get the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. But, people close to her didn’t seem to understand her decision. She says her playing small moment was when she let the opinions of others color how she viewed herself.

The Wake Up Call

Lauren truly had an A-ha moment, when her husband asked her if she could really overcome her shyness to become a life and clarity coach. It lit a fire under her to do what she felt compelled to do and that would bring her joy.

Style of Leadership

Lauren is a listener, an analyzer and very optimistic. All traits that contribute to her nurturing leadership style.

Current Leadership Challenge

Lauren is finding it challenging to dodge her insecurities while launching her business.

What Does Your Business Support System Look Like?

Lauren is part of an online community of female entrepreneurs that, she says, gets her through when she has questions or when she needs support.  

What Are You Excited About?

Lauren is excited to be launching a 5-day challenge to help people prioritize their tasks, make the most of their time and find balance in their lives.

Leadership Practice

Consistently working towards her own personal development is one practice which makes Lauren a better leader. She is able to learn new ideas that she can share with others.

Book to Develop Leadership

Make it Happen by Lara Casey

Advice For Younger Self

 “Value is not determined by anything on this earth. It is determined by Christ.”

Inspirational Quote

“To live is to choose. But to live well, you must know who you are, what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there.” – Kofi Annan




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