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191: Libby Gill on Being so Close to Your Dream

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Libby Gill HeadshotAfter nearly twenty years in senior leadership roles in communications at media giants Universal, Sony, and Turner Broadcasting, Libby founded executive coaching and consulting firm Libby Gill & Company, in November 2000. A sought-after international speaker, she guides established and emerging leaders to inspire purpose, and ignite performance, by building engaged cultures based on trust, respect, and hope.

Author of four books, including the award-winning YOU UNSTUCK: Mastering the New Rules of Risk-taking in  Work and Life, which has been endorsed by business leaders including CEO Tony Hsieh and Dr. Ken Blanchard.

Her latest book, CAPTURE THE MINDSHARE AND THE  MARKET SHARE WILL FOLLOW: The Art and Science of Building Brands, shows readers how to build brand loyalty through deep emotional connections.

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Playing Small Moment

Libby has always worked behind the scenes, but she yearned to be front and center, in the theater. Instead of getting out in front and taking charge, she let her fear overcome her.

The Wake Up Call

Libby’s wake up call came when she received her head shot back from a touch-up artist, with too many notations.

Style of Leadership

Libby’s leadership style is a blend of candor and kindness. She found her sweet spot in not being too direct nor too nice.

What Are You Excited About?

Libby is excited about her new leadership course, which focuses on helping people rebuild their careers.

Current Business Challenge

Libby believes in the content she has created. Her next challenge is marketing it and sharing it with people.

Your Support System

Libby found having an accountability partner was meaningful, and she has an assistant whom she considers to be her right hand. She also has other people she employs, plus outsourced support.

Leadership Practice

Libby’s leadership practice is a 3-step vision process.

Resource to Develop Leadership

YOU UNSTUCK, by Libby Gill

Advice For Younger Self

“There are people out there to help you!”

Inspirational Quote

“To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.” ― Robert Lewis Stevenson


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