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On-Air Coaching: Marie Sola on Going Live with Your Community

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live videoMarie is a veteran of the Portland and Maine media markets, in sales, business development and management positions. She also produced and distributed television programs that received industry acclaim.  

Most recently, Marie worked internationally for the Young Presidents’ Organization, the premier Chief Executive Leadership organization in the world – with over 20,000 members. As Director of Integration, she interfaced with business leaders around the world in a myriad of areas including, but not limited to, membership support, event and workshop planning, corporate communication, and creating the first, full-fledged new member integration program from the ground-up. 

Harnessing her abundant energy and calling on her breadth of experiences, Marie launched Daughters of Change, which “collaborates with great companies, social causes and women change-makers to positively impact our world”. In her role as a social entrepreneur, Marie utilizes her skills and experience to effectuate change by bringing attention and results to causes and issues affecting the world. 

In this on-air coaching episode Marie needed some clarity around using live video to engage her audience. It was something she resisted and was surprised to find…she loves it! However, she wants to make sure she is doing it purposefully it helps her to forward Daughters of Change and doesn’t become another thing to do. 

 Although on the surface it appears like we are just talking about live video. However, as is common in the coaching I do, there is a lot more going on under the surface that is keeping Marie from releasing live videos to more than just her friends and family.  

Thank you again, Marie, for sharing what you are struggling with right now. And for those of you listening, if you’re experiencing doubts in your business or your career, reach out! This is what I do. I was email corresponding with Nicole Boucher yesterday, who was on the last On-Air Coaching episode and she reported that things have been wonderful over the past few weeks and to quote her, “I feel that I have such a sense of purpose and clarity. I need to blog about my word of the year (“Nourish”) and your help in getting me to that place.”  

Nicole, I cannot wait for you to post that blog. I’m going to blast it everywhere.  

Again, if you feel like you’re spinning your wheels because it’s not clear what direction you should take or how to go about making things happen, reach out to me. Email me at jodi @ or message me through any platform. I’m always happy to hear from you! 

Marie and I discussed:

    • Being in the “Sandwich generation”
    • Reluctancy with being on camera
    • Facebook Live
    • The importance of being on camera
  • Connecting and interacting with people live


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