Mary-Theresa Tringale on Creating Experiences for Your Community

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Mary-Theresa Tringale, currently a resident of Portland, Maine and working full-time as the Manager of Events and Sponsorships at WinterKids, also runs her own business as an Events Strategist & Producer helping entrepreneurs and organizations plan their first live events the right way.

A myriad of careers across the country have helped bring M-T to where she is now. These included: Director of Catering for a Best of Boston Restaurant, Women’s Day Magazine Sales Assistant and Integrated Marketing Manager and Events Specialist for Men’s Journal in NYC , and Marketing Manager of Advertising at Portland Press Herald.

She is the creator of the first Varsity Maine Awards in 2016, as well as played a crucial role as a founding member and now Past – President in development of the iconic The Maine Women’s Conference, the first of its kind in Maine.

She loves to guide transformative coaches or organizations with specific initiatives through the experience of creating an event that will be transformative (for your business, community, audience, clientele) and impactful and reaches people around the world.

In this episode Mary and I discuss…

  • The steps you must take to build a strong foundation for your live event
  • The process that will give you all the information that will make it easy for you to market your event
  • How to align the content of your event with your business/organizational goals so you get a strong return on investment
  • How to prevent surprises that can prevent you and your audience from enjoying the experience or gaining value during your event


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