071: Mercy Nthiga on Using Entertainment to Educate

educateMercy Nthiga likes to say, that growing up in Kenya, she did everything she “should” do. Studied hard in primary school, passed the 8th grade exams that allow a small % of Kenyans to continue to secondary school, became one of the 5% that graduated secondary school to attend university. Completing university put her in the top few percent of Kenyans. For all that, facing 60% unemployment, it still took years to find work.

That’s when she determined to find a better way for herself, and her country. She came to Houston, and scrambled through more to become a radiological technologist. Mercy has started a business to focus on genuine education of children – which Mercy perceives as essential for kids in America and Kenya.  Her business is Entertain to Educate My Child . The business is built on the realization that our children are our greatest responsibility. The mission is to maximize the time parents spend with kids as opportunities for education, and to form a community where parents support each other in our greatest calling on this planet.

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Playing Small Moment

Mercy struggled through school, but made it a goal to finish school and go to college. She attended college in Houston and still struggled to find work. At a job that she held for 4 years, she struggled with tardiness as her daughter had to be dropped off at school before she went to work. This had not been favored, but was tolerated by management at the time. Once management changed, she was forced to choose between her job and getting daycare for her child.

The Wake Up Call

Mercy had always heard to follow her passion but was confused about how to follow her passion. Instead of looking for her passion, she learned to look for what’s important to her.

Style of Leadership

Mercy realized that once people are bored, they tune out. She tries to make things fun, jovial and entertaining with her work.

What Are You Excited About?

Mercy is really enjoying Periscope. She has been doing 10-minute daily tip sessions on Periscope and has loved the interaction.

Leadership Practice

Thinking of who she is serving, Mercy tries looking from their point of view to help the situation.

Book to Develop Leadership

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

What Would You Change?

Mercy believes we become who we are because of our past, but she would tell herself not to be so willing to fit in with society. Nice girls don’t make history, so why not ruffle some feathers.

Inspirational Quote

“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its life thinking it is stupid.” ~ Albert Einstein

Interview Links

Entertain to Educate My Child 



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  1. Mercy Nthiga

    I was honored to be your guest Jodi!!
    I must say, It was a rather therapeutic conversation, yet I’m not sure how I ended up with a list of homework items, I guess that’s what happens when the interviewer is also a coach. LOL!!! What an AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!! Thank you 🙂

    1. It was a pleasure to hear more about your story and what you are creating for parents and children. To your success!

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