Miki Feldman Simon on How to Make Jobs More Accessible to Women

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Miki Feldman Simon, is a Career and Executive Coach and the founder of IamBackatWork, a company dedicated to helping women remain and return to the workforce. Miki is a seasoned professional who has held leading executive roles in human resource management, marketing, and business development. She has built and led resilient teams in high growth software companies with successful exits. Miki is a Certified Executive Coach, (CPC), has an M.Sc. (Master of Science) in Organizational Behavior and a B.A in Psychology and Educational Counseling. Miki is passionate about accelerating people’s personal and professional growth, enabling them to step into their full potential.

In this episode Miki and I discuss…

  • The current state of affairs with women in the workforce. Where women were before the pandemic and where they are now.
  • The decisions that many women are having to make in order to meet the demands of taking care of their household, their children, sick relatives, and aging parents.
  • The cost of this situation on our society, economy, the workforce, the advancement of women, etc.
  • How Miki works with women to navigate these tough decisions. (Great tips here for yourself and to suggest to your employer)
  • And finally, what Miki shares that we can be optimistic about.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikifeldmansimon/

Website: http://iambackatwork.com/


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