[Coaching] Do You Need to Name the Priority?

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What’s Your Priority?

Are you pulled in so many directions you’re busy all day, but when the day ends you don’t feel like you accomplished much of anything?

Just like you, the women I coach are in demand. They have teams that want their attention, clients who need service, and tasks that need to get done. I’ve been there myself on many occasions.

There are different responses to this state of affairs. You might be in the camp of looking out at some point in the future. You convince yourself that once you get there, it will be a lot better. I did that for years and guess what? As that point in time got closer, I had filled my calendar with all new projects on my plate. This cycle perpetuated for a long time before I realized what I was doing.

You might be researching to find new strategies for time management and productivity and making a few strides but still needing some relief. Or, you might have started to give up hope that it will get any better.

Name the Priority

Regardless of what camp you are in, you’re going to get a lot out of this coaching call. I’m chatting with Madison who is wearing many hats as her company is experiencing and gearing up for even more growth.

She and I talk through many of her responsibilities and strategize how to organize by priority and organize her calendar. We look at leveraging members of the team who are experienced and eager to do more.

And there’s an added bonus, and what I believe may have been a pivotal point in our conversation. We also talked about what might be going on when a team member isn’t changing their behavior after you’ve given them feedback.

If any of this is resonating with you, listen in. This is a good one!

Is a Current Challenge Your Priority?

Listening to what another woman is going through, you get insights by understanding the strategy she will implement to overcome her challenge. For this reason, I would love to do more On-Air Coaching Calls on this podcast.

If you are a women leader who has been promoted or taken on a new role in the last year, I invite you to apply to be on the Women Taking the Lead podcast

Bring any challenges you’ve been faced with at work to gain insights and strategies to resolve them. The women listening to your episode will learn from your experience. They will gain new insights that they can use at work. 

Priority Takeaways…

What were your takeaways from this on-air coaching call?

Is there one thing, that if you completed it, would make it possible to accomplish other tasks? Or, a task foundational to moving forward with other initiatives?

You create bandwidth when you  identify the greatest need and make the space, mentally and environmentally, to get it done.

Maybe the part of this episode that resonated with you is checking in with your mindset before having a conversation. Might there be a mindset that has been holding you back from communicating clearly or confidently?

Head over to LinkedIn to share your thoughts and takeaways on the post corresponding to this episode. I would love to hear what stood out most for you.

If your last promotion has you experiencing and confronting challenges you haven’t faced before, consider working with me. I would love to support you through this transition, help you get your bearings and feeling confident in your leadership once again.

You can find a link to schedule a time to chat with me in the episode description. If you’re listening through a mobile device that link will be in your podcast app. On the Women Taking the Lead website the link will be toward the bottom of the episode webpage.

If you are going to ask your company to sponsor you to work with a coach, there’s also a link to access a checklist that will help you prepare for the conversation.

As always, I hope this was of value to you and here’s to your success!


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