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200: Nikki Groom on Speaking Up

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Nikki Groom's HeadshotNikki Groom is a digital marketer, brand strategist, and content marketing expert for business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to build a profitable business while making the world a better place. She is also the founder of The 100 Stories Worth Telling Project, which seeks to amplify the voices of women entrepreneurs all over the world by sharing their real-life stories of overcoming adversity, and a firm believer that all businesses should lead with empathy.

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Playing Small Moment

Throughout her youth, Nikki was quite shy. She didn’t feel confident and had not found her voice yet. Nikki’s writing always gave her an escape and allowed her to use her voice, though. At the age of 15, Nikki spent two weeks shadowing a reporter at a local newspaper and remained quiet for most of her time there. When it was time for the editor to submit Nikki’s evaluation to her school, he reported that she met all the basic requirements, but included  a paragraph stating that Nikki did not possess the voice or personality to become a journalist. Nikki felt that the editor didn’t know her at all and what she was capable of, and was infuriated by his assessment, so she set out to prove him wrong.

Nikki remembers that she had a friend at university who laughed at the idea of her studying abroad. Well, now Nikki lives in the United States. Whenever someone challenges Nikki, it only pushes her further to succeed.

The Wake Up Call

Nikki was the UK manager at a global company, and was craving a new opportunity. She was offered a job in London, but when she asked her boss for his opinion, he told her they weren’t offering enough pay and that she should wait. Within the next few months, the North American manager in the same company sent out an email announcing her departure. As she read the email, her head started filling with ideas and possibilities. Nikki drove home and had an internal struggle over her next steps and ended up siding with the thrill of this amazing opportunity. That moment was her wake up call.

Style of Leadership

Nikki would describe her leadership style as real. It’s something that people have told her they really admired about her. Nikki doesn’t pretend to have all the answers. Sure, she is an expert in certain areas, but she knows that there is always room to grow and learn. Nikki also likes to lead from within and from a place of empathy and compassion. She wants those inside her community to really feel included, as that was something she struggled with in her youth.

What Are You Excited About?

Nikki is super excited about her new website. It has been a huge production with a great team, and she cannot wait for everyone to see it. There will be new offers and lots of new stuff coming up this year.

Current Business Challenge

Even with her business is in a transitional phase, Nikki knows that one of the key things she has to accomplish soon is gathering a team around her to lift her to the next level. She has been working with a diversity consultant who is surrounded by a wonderful team, which showed Nikki that is exactly what she needs.

Leadership Practice

Nikki is a firm believer in meditation.

Advice For Younger Self

Nikki would tell her younger self to speak up!

Inspirational Quote

“Just start.”








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