117: Niyc Pidgeon on Finding the Positive in Any Situation

positiveNiyc Pidgeon helps women, struggling to find their self-belief, overcome negative self-talk, activate next level breakthroughs in their life and business, and create their life of joy, personal power, and unstoppable success. Her signature 90 Day Master Your Success Mentorship and Guru Girl Entrepreneur Mastermind combine the power of Positive Psychology with Niyc’s decade of experience in coaching women to create positive change, and produce dramatic and long lasting results. Niyc is from the UK, where she recently won Young Entrepreneur of the Year and is currently travelling the world, speaking and coaching. She is Founder of niycpidgeon.com, Award Winning lifestyle brand optimallyou, Newcastle parkrun, and her first book Now Is Your Chance will hit the book shelves in March 2017, with Hay House.

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Playing Small Moment

Niyc began her career as a personal trainer. She would push herself really hard. The income wasn’t great, but she was doing something she really loved. Niyc got to a point where she felt stuck while working, going to school, and going back to work at night. That came at a detriment to her health and she felt like a victim. She was playing small because she gave struggle the strength.

The Wake Up Call

Last June, Niyc had taken two months off from her business to write her book. She had savings in the bank and was launching an online group program at the end of that two-month gap. She knew it was going to be a success because she worked so hard on it for 6 months with her assistant. When Niyc launched the program, she had a grand total of one sale. Real panic and fear started to set in. She got one or two more sales as weeks went on. Niyc was on the other side of the world, sold her car, and moved out of her apartment. She was faced with the prospect of getting a job and leaving entrepreneurship behind. Niyc decided she needed to stay true to what she talked to her community and clients about. Never abandon yourself. Always back yourself and always believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, then nobody else is going to believe in you.

Style of Leadership

Strength and Love is her leadership style. Niyc leads from a loving heart with joy and inspiration. As a leader she wants to create an atmosphere that is supportive.

What Are You Excited About?

Niyc is in the editing process of her book Now is Your Chance. She is working on a TV Series, Niyc TV or Happiness TV, still in creation at the moment.

Leadership Practice

Niyc’s morning mindset ritual is what gets her ready in the morning. By building a strong body and strong mind you are able to go out there and seize the day and be a powerful strong leader that is coming from the right place.

Book to Develop Leadership

7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Advice For Younger Self

Niyc would tell herself no matter what happens along the way that it is always going to work out all right.

Inspirational Quote

“Find fulfillment in the joy of your journey.” ~ Niyc Pidgeon

Interview Links

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