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Bonus Episode: How to Remain You When You’re in the Spotlight

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How to remain you when you're in the spotlight

Katie Clark is a market research, social media and marketing professional who has worked with companies in industries including consumer packaged goods, nonprofit, specialty foods, live events, insurance, entertainment, and technology and excels at finding efficiencies, building capacity, and fostering growth. Katie is a social media influencer who has appeared on various ‘people to follow’ lists including 10 Great #MRX Tweeters Every Market Researcher Should Follow, Most Influential Client-Side Tweeters, and the Wearables 1k. Currently, Katie is the Communications Manager at the Maine Historical Society, and also speaks on podcasts, blogs, at conferences and other events about market research, social media, productivity tools, wearable tech, and personal branding. She is the mom of identical twin girls and an advocate for international adoption. 

Blending your personality into your personal brand

People are looking for authenticity, for the personality behind the brand. Getting a glimpse of the person behind the brand is what entices people to have that relationship. This is very helpful in determining who you want to work with, and who wants to work with you.

Coming out from behind your business brand

Always strive to be your authentic self and bring your personality into your writing, visuals, and in social media.

What it means to be authentic

Being authentic is all about feeling good in your own skin. When things get more important, it gets a little harder to remain yourself, but that’s when you need it the most. Think about what you are putting forward. You are spreading the word on who you are and what your brand is.

How to be your authentic self on video, in front of a large group or on social media

Authenticity in front of an audience takes practice. Whether you are live, on camera, or writing social media, there are different tactics you can use that will help you feel more comfortable and ensure you are being true to your authentic self.

Oh my God, good stuff! So in the last bonus episode Katie shared why personal branding is so important, in this episode she covered how to amplify your personal brand and in the next bonus episode Katie is sharing tips and tricks for being visible online so stay tuned for that! 

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Thank you all for joining me and here’s to your success! 

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