016: Rich Brooks on Communication and Entrepreneurship

communicationRich Brooks is founder and president of flyte new media a web design and marketing firm in Portland, Maine. He is a nationally recognized speaker on entrepreneurship, digital marketing and social media.  He is a founder of The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference, an annual conference on search, social & mobile marketing. He runs The Marketing Agents Podcast where he interviews marketing experts from around the world on search, social & mobile marketing.  He is also a regular contributor at, the world’s most popular social media marketing blog.

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A Women Who Has Influenced Your Life

• Rich describes his mom as a total inspiration to him as she has gained confidence through life along with the women in his professional life, including his business coach, Jaime Tardy.

What He Sees That Hold Women Back

• Rich notices that some women hesitate to put themselves forward and sharing what they have to share.

What He Has Learned from Women

• Helping other people is helping yourself. People mirror back the same things we are working on in our personal and professional lives.

The Necessary Changes

• Rich would encourage more women to start their own businesses. Starting a company often offers greater opportunities than promotion or changing jobs.

Inspirational Quote

• Luck favors the prepared ~ Edna from The Incredibles

Leadership Practice

• Rich makes a practice of taking nothing personal when the communication comes via email, text or some other digital channel.

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Flyte New Media

Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference


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