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178: Robin Bates on Creating a Customized Experience

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Customized ExperienceRobin Bates is a new small business owner, as of June of this year. She creates unique children’s books, where your precious little one is the star of the story. Prior to starting Jewel’s Custom Books, she took a four-year hiatus from her 25+ year career as a preschool teacher. She and her husband, Marc, currently have three children, and they were her main motivation in starting Jewel’s Custom Books. The love of reading is a gift they wish to instill not only to their children, but to as many other kids as possible.

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Playing Small Moment

Robin recognizes that some people view teaching as being a glorified babysitter, but she knows what she is doing is very important. Teaching is actually one of her superpowers.

The Wake Up Call

The book, The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats, had a profound influence on Robin at a very early age. Later, when her husband introduced custom books as a business idea she loved it because she knew what it felt like for a child to be the star of the story.

Style of Leadership

Robin believes in mentoring others, and using questions as a learning tool with those she leads.

What Are You Excited About?

Robin is excited to incorporate her own stories into the variety of books her business offers to customers.

Current Business Challenge

Robin is challenged with getting her new product out to the masses.

Your Support System

Robin’s husband is a relationship and business partner, her niece helps put books together, and her various networking groups make her support system complete.

Leadership Practice

Robin likes to go the extra mile for people, and she always treats them the way she wants to be treated.

Book to Develop Leadership

The Bible

Advice For Younger Self

“Just keep doing what you are doing. Stay on the path.”

Inspirational Quote

“Fear is false evidence appearing real.”





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