179: Naketa Thigpen on Boldness to Ask and Humility to Receive

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humilityNaketa Thigpen, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Balance & Relationship Advisor took the best of her education, aptitude, and experience as a barrier-breaker, and founded ThigPro Balance and Relationship Management Institute to unlock passion, unleash innovation, and maximize profit. As the author of the forthcoming book, Selfish, and a sought-after speaker and podcast host, Naketa has set her daily intention to empower and motivate the willing to balance all that matters.

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Playing Small Moment

Naketa takes us back to the first time she recognized she was playing small. She walked into a networking event and felt isolated based on her appearance and personality. She acknowledged she wasn’t comfortable in her “new skin” as an entrepreneur, when she changed her answers based on if the person who approached her was a male or a female.

The Wake Up Call

Naketa’s latest aha moment came when she decided to do a daily 5 a.m. Wake and Breakthrough on Periscope. She didn’t plan on her Grandfather’s words coming back to her to tell her she wouldn’t be good enough, but when they did, she realized she needed to move forward to her next level.

Style of Leadership

Naketa needs to be honest and transparent in order to lead others.

What Are You Excited About?

Naketa is excited about The Dreamer’s Blueprint, which is the new membership community she is creating.

Current Business Challenge

Naketa finds it difficult to find time for business priorities while simple to-do’s are left unanswered.

Your Support System

Naketa’s support system includes an amazing digital media strategist and guru, a dynamic accountability partner and her brain trust advisors sister friend, who she feels has completely transformed her business.

Leadership Practice

Naketa gives herself permission to pause several times daily.

Book to Develop Leadership

The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks

Advice For Younger Self

“It’s ok to ask for help, especially from people who truly want you to succeed in life.”

Inspirational Quote

“I feel adventurous. There are so many doors that need to be opened, and I am not afraid to look behind them.” ~ Elizabeth Taylor



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