067: Sara Speicher on Balancing Being Mommy and Businesswoman

MommySara Speicher, a wife and a mom of two little ones, helps women entrepreneurs make greater impact, serve their client better. Integrating business consulting and coaching, this international best-selling author’s specialty is helping mom-business owners, who are stuck due to a change in life or shift in business, make more money, have more time and more fun. Sara, who holds an MBA degree and is a former internationally recruited NCAA D-1 basketball player (at 6’1” she still rocks her high heels), and her husband are also avid travelers.

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Playing Small Moment

Growing up, Sara was always told not to brag, because no one cares. Well, playing small held her back. Because of the fine line between bragging and using her accomplishments for marketing and credibility, she often sold herself short.

The Wake Up Call

She battled Post Partum Depression, she saw an offer for a health program and it clicked that she needed to start focusing on her health and her family. It came down to feeling bad for herself or doing something about it, so she chose to make changes.

Style of Leadership

Sara has a combination of different leadership types. She always puts her people first, and believes heavily in leading by example. She is always open about making changes with her leadership and parenting.

What Are You Excited About?

Sara is excited to give another look at her business, and having more time to spend with the girls.

Leadership Practice

Sara relies on trusting her gut as a leader.

Book to Develop Leadership

Circling the Sun by Benka Pulko

What Would You Change?

Sara would tell herself to stop thinking and start doing.

Inspirational Quote

“One dream could change your life.” ~ Sara Speicher

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