066: Sheena Yap Chan on the Path to Self-Confidence

Self-confidenceSheena Yap Chan is a blogger and speaker whose sole purpose, drive and passion is to help women live a better life through entrepreneurship. She continues to inspire women through her blog; by showing marketing and social media tips as well as mindset tricks that will help women take away any blocks that is stopping holding them back from greatness. She also has a podcast helping women building up their self-confidence. It’s called The Tao of Self Confidence.

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Playing Small Moment

Sheena was working at an office, and wanted to move on to a better job with higher pay. She shared this with a coworker and he told her she was already overpaid as a woman and she wasn’t going to find a better job, that she should just be happy where she was. Sheena believed him and stayed at that job for an additional ten years.

The Wake Up Call

After her break-up with an ex, Sheena was feeling pretty out of it. She joined a woman’s support group and through their support and activities, she was able to heal, gain self-confidence and see her true potential.

Style of Leadership

Sheena leads by being the example. She believes in walking side-by-side with who you are leading. If Sheena shows that she can do it, than others will follow.

What Are You Excited About?

Sheena is excited about working more on her brand new podcast.

Leadership Practice

Sheena believes in celebrating every little thing you were able to accomplish each day. When you celebrate all of your successes, you will attract more success.

Book to Develop Leadership

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

What Would You Change?

If Sheena could tell her younger self anything, it would be to trust yourself more. She would ensure herself that the decisions she was making are going to a right direction. The self-sabotage us woman subconsciously practice isn’t helping us.

Inspirational Quote

“Behind every successful woman, is herself.” ~ Sheena Yap Chan

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