014: Shannon Kinney on How to Lead a Happy Team


Shannon is the Founder and Client Success Officer of Dream Local Digital, a digital marketing agency that has worked with thousands of small businesses across North America. She has over 15 years’ experience in the development of successful internet products, sales and marketing strategies and has worked on the team developing successful Internet Brands such as and, and over 60 online media properties for newspapers all over the U.S and Canada. Prior to that, she spent over 10 years in media sales and sales management in Maine. Shannon is considered an expert in the field of online marketing and social media and speaks regularly at conferences on the subject. She was recently named a Digital Innovator of the Year by Local Media Association.

Playing Small Moment

Doubting her ability to take her business to new levels alone Shannon formed a partnership (twice!) with people who did not ultimately fit her culture. As it turns out, after breaking the partnerships she realized she didn’t need them anyway.

The Wake Up Call

No matter how bad things seem, Shannon had an experience that reminded her that she was taking things too personally and she needed to do what she needed to let it go and get her head back in the game.

Style of Leadership

Shannon gives her team a lot of freedom and cares about what they are working on, what motivates them and helps them to achieve what they are looking for.

What Are You Excited About?

Dream Local Digital just launched a second Division to help the Bangor Daily News handle their digital output.

Leadership Practice

Recognizing that you can’t work on your business if you are working in your business. Shannon made sacrifices to bring on a team so she could focus on the vision of her business.

Book to Develop Leadership

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Favorite Healthy Food

Lobster poached in champagne Shannon uses this recipe but instead of water and butter, she uses Champagne. No butter. YUM!!

What Would You Change?

Shannon would have listened to herself and trusted herself more.

Inspirational Quote

Life is a four letter word but living isn’t. ~ Shannon Kinney

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