165: Shelli Warren on Being on Divine Time

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divineShelli Warren is a self-proclaimed Leadership Junkie and Encore Career Enthusiast, with 25 years of experience leading technical teams and projects in a large global manufacturing company. As a Success Coach, she teaches women how to first become the person she wants to be on the inside, so she can become her on The outside. She’s also the host of the Success Series — a cocktail hour like no other, where she conducts live interviews with fabulous women who are reaching success on their own terms. When she’s not growing her business and making new connexions, she co-chairs the Leadercast Brockville Leadership Conference. This event that is linked to the Atlanta, Georgia hub site annual conference. She’s also gearing up to launch “Success For Teens”, a youth leadership program designed by the team at Success Magazine for the up and coming leaders in her hometown.

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Playing Small Moment

Shelli was a proven leader of technical teams. When she felt it was time for her to move up and into a different role, she enlisted the help of a leader who turned out not having the clout she thought he had. It took a couple of years before she decided to bypass him and get the word out on her own.

The Wake Up Call

One day it dawned on Shelli that she was starting to resent having to go to work. She was finding more and more fulfillment in her community and discovering joy outside of her career. She loved her job until she didn’t.

Style of Leadership

Shelli has the unique ability to stack a team. She attracted the best candidates because of her communication strategies and her willingness to shine a spotlight on those deserving of the attention.

Current Business Challenge

Shelli is learning things happen on divine time and not on Shelli time. She is learning to release the significance on the outcome and appreciating that things will happen when they are supposed to happen. Shelli is also finding it challenging to value her ability and formulate a price for her services.

What Are You Excited About?

Shelli is excited about recording her live sessions and launching her encouragement cards. Her cards are an easy, quick delightful way to let someone know people are noticing what “she” is accomplishing.

Your Support System

Shelli’s support system includes an artist, a web developer and the women of her Sheconnex community.

Leadership Practice

She starts every day with a podcast for motivation and keeps key people in her Fab 5.

Book to Develop Leadership

She Takes On the World and The Conquer Kit by Natalie MacNeil

Advice For Younger Self

“Your instinct, your intuition and your spirit are your three best friends who will be with you for a lifetime.” and “Be the proof of your truth.”

Inspirational Quote

“Be true to you.” ~ Shelli Warren


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    Thank you so much Jodi. You’re interview style is welcoming and encouraging. It was a real hoot for me to talk to you live. I’m a raving fan and look forward to each new episode.

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