Tawn Williams on a Unique Approach to Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness programs are very common now but how effective are they?

Many people talk about what their company offer but when you dig in many of these programs are underutilized. The reasons, and they vary, include the programs don’t fit the demographics of the organization, there’s a lack of awareness of what the company offers, lack of accessibility to the programs.

I recently met a consultant who had a fresh take on corporate wellness and I asked her to have a conversation with me to give you an opportunity to think about your own wellness programs, if your company offers one, and if it’s meeting the needs of the entire organization, especially yours.

Meet Tawn Williams

A renowned leader in the wellness space, Tawn Williams is a wellness consultant, speaker, and leadership development expert. She currently functions as the CEO and Head Holistic Experience Curator at House of Anaya, a platform she founded to help people access tools for wellness. One of only a handful of women of color in the corporate wellness consulting space, Tawn holds over 20 years of industry experience, having worked with international leadership teams at Intel, Avnet, and BRP. Tawn uses her unique lens and extensive background to help design corporate and individual wellness plans that feel holistic, personal, and inclusive.

In this episode Tawn and I discuss:

  • Why, despite corporate wellness programs being a $53 billion dollar industry, burnout and stress continue to be at an all-time high.
  • How well thought out wellness initiative, folded into the culture give companies a strategic advantage in today’s competitive recruiting landscape.
  • How effective wellness programs take into account not only physical and mental health but emotional, social, financial, and spiritual well-being.
  • Anaya Wellness’s upcoming Impact Leadership Summit and Retreat

Where you can find Tawn Williams

Website: https://www.anayawell.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tawn-williams/


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