Malia Monaco on How to Create Positive Experiences Through Change by Building Team Trust

Have you ever worked on a team going through a lot of change?

I’m guessing you have many times and in many different scenarios. I’m also guessing your experience of that change had a lot to do with the level of trust that the team had for one another and the leaders of the team and/or organization.

When there is a high level of trust the impacts of the change are softened. When there is low trust change can be traumatic.

Clearly, we want to work in teams that have high trust but if that’s not the current condition, how do we get there? To answer that question I’ve asked Malia Monaco to join me for this episode.  

Meet Malia Monaco

After 23 years of serial entrepreneurship and a master’s in clinical mental health counseling, Malia Monaco found her home at Positive Intelligence as the Account Director of Small and Medium Businesses. Working at Positive Intelligence, she lives her mission every day by creating lasting positive change in the world. She works with business leaders and their teams to improve collaboration and communication at the root level for sustainable change.  

In this episode Malia and I talk about:

  • The work that Malia does for leaders and organizations through Positive Intelligence involving change management and team trust building.
  • What it takes to build team trust and what becomes possible when trust grows.
  • Why it’s important to get to the root of the problem rather than tackling the symptoms, which is where many organizational initiatives go wrong.
  • How our belief system will shape what we see around us and determine whether we bring harsh judgment or blameless discernment to our reactions.
  • While insights are important, they only make up 20% of sustainable long-lasting change what makes up the other 80%.

Where to find Malia Monaco



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