Allyson Scammell on Accessing Truth from Within You

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Allyson Scammell is a master certified coach, EFT practitioner, and intuitive consultant. Her mission is to help soul-guided women entrepreneurs who are fed up with their efforts exceeding their income, to grow in life and business, using their own unique genius and soul’s internal guidance system.

Allyson was born and raised on a cattle ranch in South Dakota and spent her days dreaming of traveling the world. Immediately upon graduating college, she joined the Peace Corps and served for two years in a village in the Danube Delta. After earning a Master in International Affairs from Columbia University, she went on to work for 17 years in international development and humanitarian affairs at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

At some point in those 17 years, she received a higher calling to leave that work and do something entrepreneurial in greater alignment to her soul’s purpose. Not sure what that was, she went on a journey to discover how she was truly meant to serve the world and found her answer as a coach and mentor to soul-led women.

Allyson is a proud mama to three VIPs. She has lived in 10 countries, loves adventure travel, and dreams of one day owning a buffalo farm.

In this episode Allyson and I…

Do something completely different! Allyson is taking me through a soul-guided meditation that you can follow along with. Allyson and I discuss:

  • What a soul-guided meditation is what answers you can potentially receive from this practice
  • The four intuitive gifts and how to identify your dominant gift
  • How to vision the future you most want to experience and manifest that vision
  • How to recognize when your thinking mind or ego is getting in the way and how to easefully release it


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