Emotional Gifts That Create Joy, Confidence and a Reason To Cheer

When my parents come to visit I relish the feeling of being more secure.  By their mere presence they create a cocoon in my tiny condo where all is right with the world.  I’m a grown woman and by no means lack confidence in my ability to care for myself.  My parents are physically in decline but it’s not until they come to visit that I am completely relaxed.  Their unconditional love and support transforms my world and I feel utter freedom to be myself and say what’s on my mind.

This past visit I was treated to an experience that is desired by all but cannot be prompted and cannot be bought.  My father looked at me with tear-filled eyes and said “I’m so proud of you.” He could barely utter the words because he was so full of emotion.  I didn’t see it coming and couldn’t control my own reaction.  It started in my gut and rushed to my eyes.  It was like Christmas had come early and the emotional high I experienced lasted for days, and made me more sure of myself.

My father’s father had Alzheimer’s, and although it is not an overwhelming concern, there is a little kernel of truth in the back of my head that tells me I may see the day when my father looks at me and does not know who I am.  This premature thought makes me sad but this experience has reinforced for me that if we leave nothing unsaid to each other, should that day come, it will not bring the pain that would be experienced if I had to face that I had missed the opportunity to tell him who he is to me before he forgets who he is.

As we head into the holidays let’s not forget the power we have to make each other’s day.  Kind words, unconditional love and acceptance can transform an individual, a room, an office, a family and an organization.  Rather than focusing on all the aggravations the holidays can bring, focus on what you can do to make them better.

What can you do to create a holiday season that brings you joy?