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126: Fabienne Raphaël on Bringing the Real You Forward

real youFabienne Raphaël is an Online Business Strategist & Connector, Speaker, Best-Selling Author & Podcaster at Marketing to Crush your Competitors. She helps entrepreneurs to cash-in on their expertise & build their online business the right way to make it profitable & automated, so they can spend more time with their loved ones. Her mantra is: Connect, Build, Automate.

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Playing Small Moment

Fabienne was scared to put herself out there for fear of what others would say. Silencing her true self, she struggled to fit in and please everyone. While in a mastermind group, she clashed with another entrepreneur because she saw herself not as skilled as the other women, despite all of their similarities. This caused a rift that couldn’t be repaired during their project.

The Wake Up Call

Fabienne’s wakeup call wasn’t just one day, but a series of events to expose who she really was. Her business partner was a great influence on her life and business skills. Fabienne realized what she was expressing was only a small percentage of who she was. Shocking to her, once she was acting like herself people were accepting her and she started embracing her true self.

Style of Leadership

Fabienne likes to lead with passion, confidence and empathy. She puts herself in the shoes of the person she is serving and is very conscious of what others are feeling and experiencing.

What Are You Excited About?

Fabienne is excited about the upcoming 200th episode of her podcast, airing May 17th. She has some huge surprises she can’t wait to reveal!

Leadership Practice

Listening. With all of the selfies and status updates on social media, we are not used to listening to each other. Ask a question as a follow up instead of make a comment about yourself, but you have to really be in it. If you are sincerely interested in other people, they will be more interested to help you as well.

Book to Develop Leadership

The Ten X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure, by Grant Cardone

Advice For Younger Self

“Just do it! Make it happen.”

Inspirational Quote

“Success is something you attract by the person you become.” – Jim Rohn

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