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127: Suzanne Doyle-Ingram on Finally Writing Your Book

writing your bookSuzanne Doyle-Ingram is a best-selling author of 7 books, and she has written or co-written a total of 13 books. She has also helped over a hundred business professionals get published by bringing together the collaborative efforts of experts in various fields that contribute to one book on a specific topic. Suzanne has had tremendous success with this model.

In addition, she also coaches and trains individuals and existing authors on how to write and publish a book and how to use that book as leverage to increase their visibility, open doors for speaking engagements, grow their brand and business, and much more. She lives on the West Coast of Canada with her husband James and three kids ages 9, 12 and 14.

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Playing Small Moment

Suzanne recalls playing it small by not knowing her value, and the value of what she could do. When Suzanne was approached to help create an entire course, she jumped at the opportunity. Creating this course took up much of her schedule and without a written agreement she was not compensated appropriately. Suzanne created this course in hopes of someday making money, when she should have charged up front for the hard work it would require.

The Wake Up Call

When Suzanne first started her Expert Author program, one of her privately coached students forwarded her an email containing quite the testimonial. The student raved about how her book was guaranteeing her business success. This prompted Suzanne to notice that she had all of the proof needed to spread the word about her course.

Style of Leadership

As described by one of her past students, Suzanne is a coach, a best friend and a mom all rolled into one. She tries to be nice and encouraging, but also sets deadlines and follows up frequently to make sure her students are on target.

What Are You Excited About?

Suzanne is currently working on writing multiple books. Her and twelve professionals are writing a book on mortgage, she is ghost writing a realtor book and an entrepreneur book and is looking for students for her private coaching.

Leadership Practice

Suzanne is continually learning. Even though she knows more than her clients do, Suzanne is always learning to help her clients as much as she can.

Book to Develop Leadership

No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs, by Dan Kennedy

Advice For Younger Self

Charge more. Suzanne was not brave enough to charge more and she was working too hard for not enough money. Know your value and know your worth. Realize how the work you do helps others make money.

Inspirational Quote

“The harder you work, the luckier you get.” ~ Gary Player

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