Bonus Episode: A Future You’ll Be Excited About


The Power of Imagination

The women I work with all have a vision of themselves achieving success. There is some image they have in their mind that represents the moment when they’ve made it.

Not only do they see themselves achieving success they imagine what it is going to feel like when it happens.

Because it’s so real for them they live like it’s a foregone conclusion. They might be facing obstacles now but they live like it’s a matter of time and hard work.

That success is theirs to be had.

It’s the image and the story in their mind that makes it so real and why they are able to keep going even if their current reality doesn’t support their vision.

In a related article in Entrepreneur magazine three examples are given of this phenomenon:

  • “Boxing legend Muhammad Ali was always stressing the importance of seeing himself victorious long before the actual fight.
  • As a struggling young actor, Jim Carrey used to picture himself being the greatest actor in the world.
  • Michael Jordan always took the last shot in his mind before he ever took one in real life.”

The question is posed: If you can’t picture yourself achieving success in your mind how will you do it in real life?

If you don’t have an image and a feeling of what success will look like you’ll continue to trudge along hoping one day things will get better.

I don’t want that for you. I want you to be mission-driven because when you have a mission you have confidence and energy and a clear direction to take.

Sometimes I struggle with this myself but I’ve found it helpful to get some guidance so for the rest of this episode I’m going to guide you through seeing yourself to success.

If you are on the go pause it here because you’re going to want to come back to this and frankly this would be dangerous to do if you were driving.


Imagine What Your Future Holds

Find a quiet spot where you can sit in solitude, away from any distractions and hit the play button below to be guided through an exercise that will take you into the future.

I hope that helped you to see and feel the kind of success you want in your life. If you struggled with this exercise, that’s okay. Go for a walk, go about your day and come back and do it again.

Sometimes if there is too much noise in our head it’s hard to really get into an exercise like this. Shake it off and try again another time when you don’t feel the world pulling at you.

Thank you so much for joining me today and here’s to your success!


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  1. Leanne Drew

    Thanks for sharing this Jodie. I love this episode and have been doing this visualisation for over a week every day. It’s funny the different friends I am having lunch with and also what my day looks like and the celebration.I am here to download the worksheet because I want to start recording these awesome visualitsations. Cheers, xxx

    1. Leanne, I love that. Rather than just projecting out into one day a year from now, you’ve imagined an entire week! I imagine that is super-charging your days. Have you joined the private facebook, Leanne? If not, I think you would love it. It is full of women like you who are going for that big vision and working every day to make it a reality. You can find it here:

      You’re a super-star, Leanne. Muah!

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