How to Release the Grip Imposter Syndrome Has on You with Kim Meninger

Let’s talk about Imposter Syndrome.

While Imposter Syndrome is a universal experience there are times when this experience is activated more than others.

A common trigger for Imposter Syndrome is when we take on new and expanded roles. There’s excitement at first and then the potential for doubting yourself will creep in.

Imposter Syndrome, and the reactions women often have to it – overpreparing or withdrawing, can hobble women just as they are given an opportunity to make a greater impact.

In August I had an opportunity to speak on a panel for Aspen Tech’s Women’s Leadership Forum. That is where I met Kim Meninger. We instantly clicked and the added bonus is Kim specializes in Imposter Syndrome and even did a TED Talk on the subject.

Meet Kim Meninger

Kim Meninger is an ICF Certified leadership coach and a consultant on a mission to make it easier to be human at work. She recognizes that the greatest challenges we face in the workplace are not related to our competence but to our confidence levels. She strives to reveal the messy human side of the workplace and provide actionable strategies to help us more confidently navigate our work environments. Kim previously held leadership positions managing strategic relationships at EMC and Monster. She holds a BA in psychology and an MBA from Boston College. Kim hosts the Impostor Syndrome Files podcast and leads a weekly Leading Humans discussion forum, which is free and open to all.

In this episode Kim and I discuss:

  • Imposter Syndrome as a fear response: Kim likens imposter syndrome to our brain’s fight or flight response and offers practical steps to manage it.
  • How everyone experiences imposter syndrome but men and women tend to respond to it in different ways.
  • The importance of recognizing individual triggers and patterns that activate imposter syndrome.
  • How to approach your work in a way that prevents over-preparation or withdrawal.
  • Giving yourself space and grace when taking on a new role.

Where you can find Kim



TED Talk: How to Bring Your Diverse Voice to the Workplace


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