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170:  J V Crum III on Feeling Love Through Your Business

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feeling loveJ V Crum III helps established business owners and coaches build companies that make a Big Impact and Big Profits. He is the Founder/CEO of ConsciousMillionaire.com, which provides training, coaching, and masterminds through its First Million Academy. J V is a speaker, coach, Huffington Post Columnist, and #1 best-selling author of “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference.” He hosts the top-ranked “Conscious Millionaire Show & Podcast” and holds an MBA, JD, Masters in Psychology. J V has built and sold successful companies and is featured in the upcoming movie, RiseUP.

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A Woman Who Has Influenced Your Life

J V says many of his mentors have been women. Mary Ann Reese is a particular female who had a profound impact on him with her neurolinguistic programming (NLP) research and techniques. She stands out to him as having strong leadership skills.

Trends He Sees That Hold Women Back

J V says often times what holds women back is their compassionate and mothering aspects. A woman’s journey is more difficult because in the professional world they didn’t have female models to emulate.

What He Has Learned From Women

J V has learned that women want to uplift other people. They allow their loving hearts to bleed into their business.

The Necessary Changes

J V says women need to embrace their left-brained strategic qualities. It’s necessary for business.

What Are You Excited About

Launching The First Million Academy, Coaching Programs and Masterminds are what J V is excited about right now.

Inspirational Quote

“Everything counts!”


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