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171: Libby Brockhoff on Supporting Other Women

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supporting womenLibby Brockhoff launched her career as one of the founding partners, and namer, of Campaign’s “Agency of the Decade,” Mother London. She was 27 — and she hasn’t slowed down since. As one of the only female creative directors in the industry (women make up 3% of agency leadership), she’s crafted the advertising strategies for Silicon Valley tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft, and YouTube. She reframed the transgender narrative as the creative visionary behind Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out story. She helped activate Obama’s Arms Trade Treaty because she believed in it. And, she leads a dangerous team of equally passionate professionals at the AdAge’s “Small Agency of the Year” (and next “Agency of the Decade”), Odysseus Arms.

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Playing Small Moment

Libby was supposed to quit her job and move with her husband to Los Angeles. Her boss told her shortly before she was scheduled to leave, he was starting an ad agency in the UK and she couldn’t leave. She feels her playing small moment was when she moved back to the US.

The Wake Up Call

Libby created the ‘Army of Moms’ to harness and return energy back to women. Her Aha moment was when she realized she could go back and pick up where she left off before leaving the workforce. She could follow her dreams and goals.

What Are You Excited About?

Libby is excited about a project she is working on with Facebook. The Facebook project focuses on the social media company giving back and reinvesting in their workforce.

Current Business Challenge

Libby says it is challenging to bring value to the creative work her company does.

Your Support System

Libby is surrounded by believers. Her husband wouldn’t let her quit, and helped to reignite her passion for her business, and other strong women are frequently reaching out to her, offering their support.

Leadership Practice

Libby says her special leadership practice is spending time with the people she works with.

Book to Develop Leadership

Any Books or Art by Frida Kahlo

Advice For Younger Self

Embrace being a woman, your femininity. Don’t try to hide it.

Inspirational Quote

“Difficulties be damned!”






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