The Kibera Project Through Women Innovated Empowered & United

Are there young women in your life who are already making a big impact in the world?

This week’s episode is a little different as I am chatting with two young women who have identified a problem that, if solved, would impact the health, education, and income of a community in desperate need.

Let me introduce Bridget Muturi and Janelly Torres.

Meet Bridget Muturi:

Bridget Muturi is a Junior at Worcester Polytechnic Intitule majoring in Aerospace engineering. She was born and raised in Kenya until she was 15 years old when she moved to the United States to live with her father. When Bridget is not working on her schoolwork, she loves spending her quality time with her family and friends, she also loves working on projects that help low-income communities in Kenya improve their standards of living. 

Meet Janelly Torres:

Janelly Torres is a Junior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute majoring in Aerospace engineering. She was born in New Haven Connecticut. When Janelly is not focusing on school work she loves going out and taking pictures. She loves hanging out with friends and also working on projects that helps change the world one step at a time. 

Women Innovated Empowered & United (WIEU)

Bridget and Janelly are the co-founders of Women Innovated Empowered & United (WIEU)

My point of pride here is Bridget is also my niece. She initially told me about a project she was developing last summer but it was still in the conception phase. When I got an update from her when I was back in Massachusetts again in October this project was well on its way. Additionally, some funding had been secured but not enough to see it through.

I invited Bridget and Janelly on the podcast to raise awareness of the problem they’ve identified and to hopefully raise the money they need to make their work a reality. Being college students they don’t have a PR or communications team and though they’ve never been on a podcast or done anything like this before they were excited for the opportunity.

In this episode Janelly, Bridget and I chatted about…

  • The current conditions for the community living in Kibera, Kenya
  • The high cost of feminine care products and the impact it has on the health of the women in Kibera
  • The solution Bridget and Janelly came up with and what their initiative will look like
  • The design, planning, and collaboration that is happening to make this project sustainable over many years
  • What you can do to support their work

Donate to The Kibera Project

Venmo: @Bridget-Muturi

Cash App: $JanellyT02

Follow along with their adventures

Instagram: @w.e.i.u

You can also click the link in their bios to donate to The Kibera Project.


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