Authentic Voice

112: Margaret Hasna Kelsey on Using Your Authentic Voice

Authentic VoiceMargaret Hasna Kelsey is the Founder of Wave of Insight, which offers conscious leadership coaching and consulting, and she has authored Wave of Insight’s Poetry and Prose on Facebook, with a global following of over 25,000 and growing! She’s mother to a 7-year-old boy, whom she adopted from Nepal. When asked what she loves most about working with individuals and groups, she’ll tell you, “Watching that aha moment when true transformational learning takes place.”

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The Wake Up Call

While Margaret was married and in the process of adopting, her husband didn’t want to start a family through adoption with her. She had to ask herself if she was going to be able to adopt and raise a family on her own as a single woman. Margaret had to assess whether she was limiting herself or she was being limited by an outside force.

Style of Leadership

Margaret’s leadership style stems from a few different places. She pays attention to which part of her is growing the most now, and which part needs to grow the most, and then she watches for which parts regress at that time. Margaret learned from a past mentor that patience is highly important as a leader and she emulates that in her life.

What Are You Excited About?

Margaret is putting together an online gallery so people can purchase different mediums of the artwork. She loves being able to see analytics that tell her when her artwork is shared or made as profile pictures and ultimately seeing her work resonate.

Leadership Practice

Meditation and any kind of mindful practice, which provides Margaret with the opportunity to put space between her and the things that ‘suck’ her in.

Book to Develop Leadership

Taking the Leap: Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears, by Pema Chödrön

Advice for Younger Self

Never take anything too seriously. Life is really here for enjoyment, it’s here for the exploration and the experiences. Don’t take it all too seriously.

Inspirational Quote


Ong is “Infinite Creative energy in manifestation and activity”.

Namo is “Reverent Greetings” implying humility,

Guru means “Teacher or Wisdom.”

Dev means “Divine or of God.”

“I call upon the Divine Wisdom, and Self-knowledge that is within us.”

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

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