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Community Spotlight: Stephanie Lin on Consciously Shedding Your Old Self


This winter I found myself feeling stagnant and confused, particularly in my work.

As a coach and teacher who runs my own business, this is not a fun place to be. And yet, I could not bear to “force” myself to take action, set goals, and make plans.

I knew I had to surrender to what I was experiencing. So, last month…

I decided to take the lead in how I was dealing with my experience.

I decided to carve out 49 days to embark on a “bardo” journey.

Bardo is a Tibetan word which literally means “intermediate state.” It’s a Buddhist concept referring to the period in between this life and the next; between the death of the old self and rebirth into a new existence.

During this time, the soul or consciousness journeys through various experiences and dimensions until it finds its next incarnation.

Bardo is a transitional, liminal period, like the Spring Equinox which has just passed, in which our being is ripe for change and transformation.

In applying the bardo concept to my life now, I’ve made the intention to let go of old ways of being that have not been serving me – mainly, worrying about things outside of my control, hiding parts of myself out of fear of judgment, and trying to plan and strategize my way to happiness and success.

Instead, I’m doing something quite radical, at least for me: I’m dedicating every moment of every day to following my happiness and excitement.

That means doing my very best to only do things that feel good to me, and letting go of doing things that don’t.

I see this journey as a conscious rebirth.

I’m trusting that as I live my life in this way, I’m naturally and inevitably planting seeds that will grow into joy, abundance, connection, and opportunity.

As I write this on Day 32 of my bardo journey, I can say that my hypothesis is turning out to be true.

Besides tangible benefits such as more clients, greater energy, new partnerships, and inspired ideas:

  • I’m learning to honor my heart and emotional guidance system above all.
  • I’m actively confronting my fears and moving through them.
  • I’m expressing more and more of my true self to both myself and the world.
  • I’m taking the lead in my life by making it my priority, my sacred intention, to follow my happiness.

Bardo is a soul journey that I recommend to anyone wishing to shed old layers and patterns and be reborn into a more aligned and joyful self. All that’s required is pure intention and a desire for transformation.

Happy journeying!

consciouslyStephanie Lin is a life coach and teacher based in Tel Aviv, Israel.  With a personal and academic background steeped in Buddhism and other world spiritual traditions, she guides and supports open-hearted women from around the world who are consciously creating their life.

To learn more about her journey and work, visit


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  1. L.A

    Ah, the Bardo Journey – I didn’t know about this practice and it’s name, but I have taken on this journey intuitively a few years ago. I guess the Bardo practice comes in many forms and names and like you mentioned – it’s the intention… It is the most valuable and courageous journey one can take in life. It’s a tough journey sometimes, but oh so liberating! Thank you for naming it and sharing this. 🙂

    1. You said it perfectly, L.A. So wonderful that you’ve also experienced the sweet liberation that comes from rebirthing ourselves! 🙂

  2. This is certainly a seasonal intention of mine. I do it mentally, spiritually and physically. Of course I had no idea there was a practice name for it, but that just shows how connected we all are, no matter our wisdom traditions!

    1. Yes! 🙂 It’s such a natural and universal process to release and renew. We just have to remember to allow it happen.

  3. Maritza Parra

    Jodi, this is such a great share from your community! I’ve never heard of Bardo yet I totally get what Stephanie is describing. What a beautiful practice – following your happiness and excitement. So funny to read this right now because in our home, we just changed our Motto from “Do More” to “Be Happy”!

    1. This is precisely the shift I’m speaking about! So beautiful that it’s your home Motto, Maritza.

  4. Kathy Lundborg

    Love this Jodi! I’ve never heard the term, but really enjoy getting the reminder of following bliss, happiness, etc. I have set this intention, but the driven part of me can get me off track. I like this idea of setting a goal of so many days for this practice.

    1. Thanks for reading, Kathy. Yes, I find there’s something about creating a ritual space of a certain number of days that helps with grounding my intention – it adds power to it. 🙂

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