065: Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen on the Courage to Speak

speakDirector of a training institute and founder of several training businesses, Becca has a PhD in clinical psychology and advanced certifications in Love Science. She is a relationship expert and is passionate about helping couples have rock solid relationships, helping men and women understand each other and develop secure attachment. As a Certified Trainer of Emotionally Focused Therapy she trains therapists around the world how have successful couple therapy practices. She is a therapist and sees couples for intensive treatment in Baja California, where she lives.

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Playing Small Moment

Becca speaks about having what she thought was a good job, but not having a voice and not feeling empowered. She talks about a time she felt moved to speak up for herself with a driver and held him to the consequences she had laid out.

The Wake Up Call

Becca explains not settling for being taken advantage of at her workplace anymore so she started her own business.

Style of Leadership

Evolving is how Becca described her leadership style. She used to just rely solely on herself, but she has evolved and become a collaborative leader.

What Are You Excited About?

Becca is most excited about podcasting, Periscope and any new formats of reaching people. She loves to have that connection.

Leadership Practice

Becca believes in collaboration on her team, so everyone can be creative. She ensures weekly check-ins without over-managing and letting her team do their best.

Book to Develop Leadership

Love Sense by Sue Johnson

Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker

What Would You Change?

Becca would tell her younger self to get help sooner for the hard things, speak up and to ask for it.

Inspirational Quote

“If you can rely on others, you can do everything you dream” ~ Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen

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