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203: Rene Brent on Happiness & Subconscious Mind

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Rene Brent's HeadshotRene Brent is Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, an #1 International Bestseller author of the book How Big Is Your BUT?, International speaker and on faculty for The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy. Rene has been an RN for over 25 years and has worked in ICU, Trauma/ER and Recovery Room. She helps her clients use the power of the deep inner mind to release blocks and reach personal and professional goals. She is passionate about teaching people how to Practice Happy and becoming a Happiness Hunter.

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Playing Small Moment

Rene grew up with an alcoholic mother. As a teenager, Rene knew she had to provide for herself and her little brother, that no one else would do it for her. Rene had a poor self image because of her height, and knew she had to find her strength from within. An instructor at Rene’s high school believed in her and gave her opportunities to succeed. This instructor finally got Rene to see herself from a different perspective. Rene realized that once she connected how she felt on the inside to her intimidating height, she could start playing big from the inside too. She now refers to herself as a warrior princess.

The Wake Up Call

Rene was married for 20 years to someone she later realized was a narcissist. Because of her past, she learned to find happiness in this relationship and didn’t realize she was still carrying falsehoods from her childhood into adulthood. During their divorce, Rene found herself rocking inside her closet as she did as a child and had a revelation. Rene realized she was not feeling pain from the actual divorce, but from the false beliefs she had held onto. Rene’s next steps were clear; she had to focus on herself and move away from the things that held her back.

Style of Leadership

Humor saved Rene’s life. She could always move through whatever life threw at her with humor. In the business and networking she does, she always maintains her authenticity. Rene knows that in stressful situations, we sometimes try to emulate someone else, but it never works. Rene also makes sure not to judge others, ever. What she learned to do was release judgement of herself. In each moment, Rene knows she is doing the best that she can. If she makes a mistake, then she learns from it.

What Are You Excited About?

Rene knows that we are not all taught to understand our subconscious mind and she wanted to get to a bigger audience. Rene is getting herself worked up to be a speaker. This is out of her comfort zone, but Rene knows people need to hear what she has to say about the subconscious mind and releasing yourself from perfectionism and how to move forward.

Biggest Leadership Challenge

Rene says she is blessed with an incredible life and a beautiful relationship, as she healed and moved through and welcomed someone into her life who is such a giver. Rene likes to make time for him and sometimes she finds herself quite busy and often working late. Right now her biggest challenge is finding that balance between work and love, relaxation and fun.

Leadership Practice

Self awareness. Rene goes into a meditative state, even if it is only 5 minutes. “Go into an altered state and find your truth.”

Advice For Younger Self

Rene would say to be nicer to her self, look within and trust her instincts. “You have great instincts and you’re beautiful.”

Inspirational Quote

“Do something every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt



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