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005: Sabiha Vorajee Tells Us How to Know Our Value

High Value WomanSabiha Vorajee is the Founder & CEO at High Value Woman. She is passionate about helping women tap into their innate power through utilizing the skills and talents they already have, and leveraging them in our dynamic world, so they can have the success they want, and earn the money they dream of.

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Playing Small Moment

• Driven by a feeling that something of value was missing in her, Sabiha pushed herself to be successful in areas people didn’t believe she could excel in but because it was to prove a point she didn’t enjoy the success.

The Wake Up Call

• Excelling at her job didn’t stop her from overworking, leaving her feeling exhausted. Sabiha had a huge revelation that completely changed how she approaches her work.

Style of Leadership

• Sabiha uses a feminine approach to work with people from different areas to collaborate.

What Are You Excited About?

• Sabiha is excited about the book she is writing based on her business, Six Steps to Six Figures, which teaches women how to ask for the money that they want to earn. She is also working on taking her workshops online so she can offer them to anyone in the world.

Leadership Practice

• Ability to listen to people at an intuitive level and really hear what they are saying.

Book to Develop Leadership

Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsh

Favorite Healthy Food

• Fresh strawberries

What Would You Change?

• Sabiha would go back to the times when she was in pain and been more mindful of how she was treating others.

Inspirational Quote

• I AM that I AM ~ the words of God

Interview Links

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabihavorajee/


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