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238: Sari de la Motte on Trusting Your Gut

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Sari de la Motte is the CEO and founder of  FORTE. Sari has trained extensively with an internationally recognized authority in nonverbal communication and leads seminars based in nonverbal communication strategies throughout the United States. Sari has spoken for, and works with, several members of the Inner Circle of Advocates, an invitation-only group consisting of the top 100 trial attorneys in the United States. She’s been a featured columnist for Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Magazine, Oregon Defense Attorney, and for Washington State Association of Justice.

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Playing Small Moment

Sari decided to expand recently. It was the wrong timing and it didn’t work out. Sari had a crisis of faith and questioned all of her decisions. What did she do wrong? Is this the end? In those moments it was easy for Sari to overlook her success and underplay her good moments.

Style of Leadership

Sari likes to take charge and do things now, apologizing later. This strategy has gotten her to places she has wanted to go, but she also had to learn the opposite side of it. Sari has learned that people tend to put themselves in boxes, when you should realize your range and give yourself permission to expand.

What Are You Excited About?

Sari has her first book deal! Her upcoming book, titled “From Hostages to Volunteers,” discusses jurors and the hostage situation they are brought into. Jurors are expected to use logic, reason and evidence to make decisions, yet they often don’t even want to be there.

Current Business Challenge

When faced with a situation that doesn’t go as planned, women tend to withdraw and figure out problems alone. Sari was challenged with this recently when her expansion didn’t work out. Instead of turning inward, we should be reaching out and asking others for help.

Leadership Practice

Self care is very important to Sari. Each morning, she does Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, three pages written to drain the brain. Your fears, plans—or even random thoughts—all get dumped onto these pages, leaving your brain clear and ready to focus on the day.

Advice For Younger Self

Sari would tell her younger self, and her current self, to be more patient.

Inspirational Quote

“People won’t remember what you said, but they’ll remember what they felt.” ~Maya Angelou


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