Bonus Episode: Do You Know How To BE Promotable


Today, I’ve got a few things in mind.

  • Give an update from last week
  • Thank those who left ratings and reviews
  • And talk a little bit about something coming up in my business: being promotable.

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Small Bursts of Courage

In my corporate career I was very promotable.

I was promoted 5 times in 6 years. You could say I was lucky IF you define luck as preparation colliding with opportunity.

Some of the promotions I didn’t see coming but that’s not to say I wasn’t strategic in how I approached my job. I wanted more responsibility, I wanted to be making more money etc., and I continually developed myself so I was the person who was thought of when an opportunity for promotion came about.

This same simple strategy has helped me in my business. The same qualities and behaviors that make you top of mind in the workplace are the same qualities and behaviors that make you top of mind when people are faced with a buying decision.

Are you the one people would love to hire and do business with?

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