Step away to regain clarity

Do You Want Things To Be Different? You’ve Got to Step Away First…

I just got back from co-facilitating an amazing career retreat in Sonoma, CA. It was beautiful there – outstanding food and wine, and accommodations that left nothing to be desired.

However, that’s the least of what I experienced while I was in Sonoma. I came back with new insights on my business and more clarity around a current project, which has allowed me to work on it and promote it more confidently.

I made new connections which have already benefited me and my business. And there are already plans to make this retreat bigger and better next time!

None of this would have been possible if I had been in my normal routine, talking with the people I usually talk to, approaching my work with the same strategy that works reasonably well for me.

I know a change of scenery is important for creativity, but if this concept is somewhat new to you, or you know you need reminding, this post is for you.

Step away to regain clarityStep Away to Regain Clarity

You’re ready for bed, but you have to check your email just one more time. Before you’re even out of bed in the morning, you reach for your phone. Thoughts of that meeting coming up on Monday morning have been polluting your mind all weekend.

You know you need to dedicate some serious time to organizing all your projects and reassessing your goals – but every time you try, something important comes up. A new client appears, a coworker really, really needs you to look something over, or that phone and damn email won’t stop.

Sound familiar? Believe me, I know how easy it is to get caught up in your daily routine. Practically everyone spends most of their time stuck in the daily grind.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to step away occasionally from your day-to-day life to think about your career, your business, your personal growth, etc. For many of you reading this, stepping away may seem counterproductive.

You’re wondering, “How am I going to manage taking time away when I’m already behind? I’ll come back to even more work.”

Think again – getting away has some impressive benefits. You can:

  • Clear your mind and regenerate yourself
  • Look at challenges from a new perspective
  • Develop new solutions and make better, more informed decisions
  • Get objective input from others who are completely removed from your situation
  • Contemplate where you’re at – so you can plan where you’re going next
  • Focus on your passion – and how to bring it into your life more!

Ways to Get Away

Happy LeaderThere are many ways to sneak away from the daily grind – these are my top recommendations (Click to Tweet!):

Conferences are an excellent opportunity to expand your network, build your knowledge by learning from the pros, and find out about up and coming trends in your field. Some conferences even give you the chance to obtain career advice, recruit new employees, and participate in skill-building workshops.

Seminars allow you to gain relevant, up-to-date knowledge on the topics that matter most to you. In many cases, you can ask questions and get answers from industry leaders. You’ll sharpen your skills and grow your knowledge, which translates into greater productivity. My recommendation: Go to seminars that last at least a day and take advantage of the networking opportunities!

Retreats are a fantastic way to really get away from it all while giving you the opportunity to deepen your professional relationships. Other common benefits include time to strategize your next big project or venture launch, the ability to outline and plan for changes, and a chance to get your creative spark back.

VIP days with a business manager, coach or mentor are one of the very best ways to help you bring clarity and focus back into your work. This is time just for and focused on YOU. The floor is yours to explore your current situation and where you want to go, and get expert, unbiased guidance from someone who understands you.

Exit the Hamster WheelLeaders meeting

When you’re struggling with something, it’s easy to become so fixated on it that you lose sight of the solution that’s right in front of you.

Even if you’re not facing any particular challenge right now, do yourself a favor and plan time away to think about your career, your business – your life.

What are you waiting for? Step out of that hamster wheel! Freedom – and maybe that breakthrough you’ve been striving for – await!

If you could choose to go anywhere to reassess you current trajectory, where would you go? What activities would you want to engage in?

Share your comments below to give us all some ideas!


  1. FireStarters

    Wow Jodi! Such a great article, thank you! I can’t count how many times taking a step back worked for me to get past something I was completely stuck on. Though I enjoyed everything in the article, this one was my favorite: Get objective input from others who are completely removed from your situation. Thank you Jodi!

    1. As a side note, you’ve done that for me, Dean. Sometimes we are more accepting of reality if someone with no investment in the outcome points it out to us. Objective input from a caring, experienced individual is worth it’s weight in gold!

  2. John Ramstead

    Jodi, I work with leaders every day on how to work ON their business not just IN their business. Your bring this down to a personal level on how to work on your life. The distractions of email, social media and life can create such overwhelm if we don’t take time to think about a routine that benefits us! Thank you for this great post. It was a great reminder to me!

  3. Maritza Parra

    I so agree with you that sometimes you’ve just got to get away from the daily stuff to get perspective, re-energize and get fired up again…

  4. Daniel Vasquez

    Thanks for the tips on how to use the “Ways to Get Away” with a more strategic intent. This is something I need to concentrate on.

  5. Robert Fogg

    Jodi, I just returned from a trade-show and this article explained exactly what happened to me. I came away with a wealth of new ideas. And, I was only away for 2 days..

    1. Proof is in the pudding, Robert. 🙂 More than that, I’m glad your trip was such a success!

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