The Accomplished Community

An intentional community of ambitious Type-A entrepreneurial women who work together to remove barriers that are holding them back.

Centered around my Amazon bestselling book, Accomplished: How to Go From Dreaming To Doing, this is a community of women with big dreams who are ready to shed the perceived limits they have for themselves, work through new insights and new behaviors and share the journey along the way.

Together we work through the resources provided with the book along with exclusive tools and monthly support calls.

As a member of this community you will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded women who understand the challenges of being in business.

Members of this community have helped each other with marketing messages, website reviews, finding new resources for clients, how to structure the day, how to get motivated, knowing your ideal client, dealing with difficult clients, starting a podcast, criteria for making big decisions, multiple streams of income, building out a team, succession planning, how to politely refuse bartering and so much more!

If you want sounding boards that understand you, this is where you want to be. Being a part of this community will have you feeling energized, confident and give you a sense of belonging.

If you're eager to shed your old skin, step into your big dreams, realize your true potential, dig deep and start getting things done - join us in the community for support, guidance and tangible actions moving your forward towards your success.

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Members in our community have:

  • exclusive Accomplished resources
  • private Facebook group
  • monthly group coaching with me
  • access to my network
  • support from other women
  • opportunity to network and collaborate
  • experts on money, mindset, networking and speaking
  • recorded webcasts and Q&A / Coaching Calls


My book "Accomplish - Going From Dreaming to Doing" gives you the step-by-step path 
Joining the Accomplished Community gives you the support you need to make it a reality!

Q&A Coaching Calls

Here’s your opportunity to get live coaching from me and the other rock star women in this community! Show up live or watch the recording later. All calls are recorded and are posted in a members-only.

We’ve covered topics such as pricing, setting boundaries, finding balance (if there is any such thing), time-management, marketing ideas, improving relationships and many, many other topics.

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Expert Webcasts

Based on requests for topics or particular speakers - I reach into my network and branch out into others to find the right experts to teach and answer questions on a variety of topics.

Below are some of our Experts we’ve had the honor of hosting:

  • John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire who talked to us about self-mastery
  • Meredith Bell of Performance Support Systems, Inc. taught us how to connect with influencers on LinkedIn
  • Carol Cox of Speaking Your Brand shared the importance of having a signature talk and gave some great tips on where to get started. 

All calls are recorded and are posted in our members-only library 

Entrepreneur on Fire
Speaking Your Brand

Join us in the Accomplished Community

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What members are saying:

Receiving feedback and perspectives from other group members has been valuable. Example: someone a while back had posed a question, I gave a reply and then another member replied with a great book recommendation “The Art of Focused Conversation.” This is a great book and gave me tools to solve some important issues. I appreciate that there are women from different backgrounds with different perspectives.​
Karen Jehanian
KMJ Consulting, Inc.​
I love being able to engage in relevant conversations beyond the podcast episode. It allows us to continue the learnings, gain more insight, all while we connect with each other.
Shelli Warren​