Women Taking the Lead Podcast

I like to think of Women Taking the Lead as free virtual mentoring for any woman. These mentors know the way, go the way and are showing you the way to find your own success.

This podcast offers a unique opportunity to listen in on what is on the minds of successful women leaders: what mindsets did they have to overcome, how they develop their leadership style and what are they doing to continue to advance themselves as leaders and business women.

I want to help women just like my clients, entrepreneurial minded women who want to go BIG, to develop the confidence to stand out in a crowd.

I know the tremendous value observing and listening to female leaders has had on my career and I wanted to create a way to give other advancing women the encouragement they need to keep moving forward.

The vision of Women Taking the Lead is to create a culture of community among women to:

  • share experiences and resources
  • inspire action and collaboration
  • learn from one another
  • and achieve their biggest goals

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