Women Taking the Lead’s Most Popular Episodes of 2015

What an amazing year! I almost want to pinch myself because as I look back on the past year my podcast is launched and doing well.

It has been very cool to look back on all the interviews I’ve done and see which episodes in particular rose to the top. After 84 interview and 6 bonus episodes there was a lot of competition.

I have two categories to look at when comparing these episode: mp3 downloads and views of the show notes (website page) that corresponds to the episode.

I’ve tabulated the results and here are the episodes that gained the most traction in 2015…

2015’s Most Downloaded Episodes on Women Taking the Lead

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#10 Kate Braestrup on Leadership in Ministry

ministryI found my interview with Kate Braestrup to be quite remarkable. Kate is often on the scene in a crisis situations and has learned through experience how to serve those who need her most in these moments. She also shares how she uses the phrase “Nothing matters more than love” as her guiding mantra when making tough decisions. I found this perspective to be very power and have used it with success when I’ve found myself in difficult conversations.
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 #9 Women Taking the Lead

In this vLaunching Women Taking the Leadery first episode of Women Taking the Lead I share why I chose to do a podcast to inspire women from humble beginnings to overcome self-doubt so they can lead with confidence, integrity and a sense of humor. I’m sharing my experiences from childhood and in the present day that have had me to become passionate to help women say “Yes!” to leadership and doing what it takes to have a life in which they feel fully alive. Join me as I kick it all off. Bonus points if you listen while sipping champagne!

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#8 Honorée Corder on Turning Your Vision of Prosperity into Reality


Honorée Corder’s mission is to inspire and motivate people to turn their vision and dreams into their real-life reality, sharing a leading-edge process she originally created for herself, and then eventually shared with executive and business coaching clients. Find out why she describes her leadership style as “fast and furious.” If you are an aspiring writer or a writer who would like to make money from their writing, Honorée is someone you want to know.

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#7 Julie Austin on Innovating Your Own Dreams

InnovatingJulie Austin is an award-winning author, inventor, and innovation speaker. She has become very successful but only after making every mistake in the book. Julie came on the show with the intention of sharing those mistakes so others would not make the same mistakes she did. What I took from Julie is any goal is going to have it’s ups and downs. If you can relate to it like an adventure and appreciate the lessons learned you’ll go further faster.

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#6 Kelly Lundberg on Fashion and Personal Empowerment

Kelly LundFashion stylingberg is a renowned entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author. She shares her fascinating story of trying to launch a fashion styling business in Dubai, where they had never heard of such a venture before. With spirit and drive she overcame numerous obstacles to build her business to what it is today. The opening line of the podcast from Kelly says it all: “put cost aside, if you put on something that you feel great in you can achieve so much more in your day.”

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#5 Get Strong Inside Out with Amy Clover

Amy Clover sstronghares her amazing story of going from depression and thoughts of suicide to helping others overcome debilitating conditions through movement and positive mindset reframing. Overcoming self-doubt has allowed her to make more money, grow her business, and travel the country spreading her message.  Amy really dug deep to answer the question, “If given the chance to go back and do anything over, what would you change?”

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#4 Renita Alexander on Being a Leader Through Collaboration

Renita is pcollaborationassionate about leadership! Convinced that anyone can learn to become a better leader, she founded Leadership Unlocked, a full service, leadership development company and is a co-founder of Profit Pathway, a global education company for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders. Renita is also a fellow iPEC graduate and is bringing coaching to her team and the work she is doing. What I loved about the conversation I had with Renita was the emphasis she placed on what is possible when you just put one foot in front of the other.

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#3 Get a Revolutionary Career with Christie Mims

Christie careerMims is a LinkedIn sensation. Her posts on career angst and transitions regularly draw hundreds of thousands of people to them. She is a career coach and Founder of the The Revolutionary Club and the #Forbes Top 100 website for your career. She’s on a mission to help YOU find your passion (because it beats hating your job). Christie knows the pain of not being happy in your career and being too overwhelmed to make a change. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s a huge fan of chocolate, wine and rocking out to 80s music during her live events.

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 #2 Marni Battista Tells Us How to Live with Dignity

Marni Batlive with dignitytista is sharing her story of losing her identity for the dream of marriage, kids and the white picket fence. Through inner reflection and “doing the work” she realized that having a life that would fulfill her would start by living with dignity. She began to dream her own dreams and they were BIG. Now a 7-figure dating and business coach she is teaching others how to dig deep to live a life of dignity and love.

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And the episode that had the most downloads in 2015…

Shannon Kinney on How To Lead a Happy Team

Shannonhappy team Kinney is sharing raw and personal experiences that touch so many her episode is going strong months and months after its release. What makes Shannon’s interview so riveting is the humilty she exudes as she tells tales of tremendous success and near-dismal failure. She is a herald of the importance of company culture, appreciation of the power of teams and honoring and giving back to the community you are in. She is down to earth and has a fantastic lobster recipe that will have your mouth watering.

Will she be the first one to break 2000 episodes downloaded in 2016?

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Most popular shows

Most Popular Show Notes Pages on the Website in 2015

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you are#10 Kim Pisolkar on Being Who You Are Right Now

Kim Pisolkar blew me away with her revelations on her early years and the dis-empowering mindset she had even while she was becoming successful in her corporate career. Kim spent many years labeling herself as a lucky screw-up only to find out at 40 she had it all wrong. She had her share of challenges and adversity in life (and then some) but she is one of the most positive people I know. Hear what Kim found out that has made all the difference to her success.

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organization#9 Marcia Bennett is Showing Us How to Succeed Through Organization

Have you been so passionate about something, so sure of your vision, that others don’t understand you. It can feel lonely sometimes when you are following your path but you are not alone. Just being in this community puts you in contact with others, just like you, who are daring to live a life of their own making. I was amazed and delighted by all that Marcia Bennett has accomplished thus far in her life. She has the same amount of time as you and I but she approaches life and her work in a way that allows her to get A LOT done. She’s giving us a few of her techniques so listen in and get them for yourself!

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reinventing yourself#8 Shannon Moss on Reinventing Yourself Publicly and Passionately

If you, like me, have ever been “let go” from a job you know that regardless of the circumstances it feels like a blow and it’s very difficult not to take it personally. Now image that over 100,000 people in your extended community read about your situation in the local papers or heard about it on the radio. How long would it have taken you to recover from such a public blow? That is exactly what happened to Shannon Moss. Listen in to hear Shannon’s story and how being told she was no longer welcome was the best thing that could ever happen to her.

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fit#7 Kendra Wheeler on Creating Fitness Where You Are

The 50th episode of Women Taking the Lead featured Kendra Wheeler, who is a regular listener to the podcast. Kendra is a health coach, certified personal trainer, and the owner of fitGOALS Training. She loves to partner with women in their 50’s to make themselves a priority so they can retire strong and energized. Kendra has emerged from a turbulent time in her life more clear on who she is and what she wants to contribute to the world. What I took away from our interview was the importance to take action right away if you are not happy with any aspect of your life because life is short and precious and should not be wasted tolerating things that make you unhappy.

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power#6 Aline Potvin on How to Take Your Power Back

Dr. Aline Potvin is a naturopathic doctor, teacher, medical muse, and healthcare advocate. Her love of working with patients in her family health practice in Arundel, Maine is only surpassed by her deep desire to educate and support families to become independently healthy, and bring that forward into building community. She will inspire you to connect with your creative side (whatever creativity looks like for you) so you can reconnect with your power and get clear on what you want to contribute. Listen to Aline share how to be more powerful in your everyday life.

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dignity#5 Marni Battista Tells Us How to Live with Dignity

#4 Marni Battista on How to Naturally Become Irresistible

Not just one of the most downloaded guests on Women taking the lead, Marin Battista’s two episodes made the top 10 for the most hits on the website. In her 2nd episode she came on to talk about her new book, Becoming Irresistible. It’s for smart, successful, amazing women who have no idea why everything requires so much effort. The focus of the book is on dating and how to attract the right guy but the principles are universal. The same process that can have you rocking the dating scene or finding romance once again in your marriage is the same process that will have you recognized and rewarded for the work you do on the job, at home, and in your community.

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adaptation#3 Dr. Ellen Braaten on Success Through Adaptation

Dr. Ellen Braaten is associate director of The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), director of the Learning and Emotional Assessment Program at MGH, and an assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School. The week before Dr. Ellen Braaten and I had our interview we weren’t sure how “it” was going to go. Ellen was fighting an acute illness, though feeling better the day we recorded, and doing a podcast like mine was new for her. My goal was to make her comfortable and just see where the conversation went. I am very happy with the result and think you will be too. Come join the conversation I had with Ellen and get some tips on how to deal with setbacks.

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happy#2 Maura Sweeney Enlightens Us on the Art of Happiness

Maura Sweeney is living life to the fullest now but it wasn’t always so easy. In her career she went from arguing against a promotion to standing up for herself when the next was almost given to another person. She’s learned a lot about believing in yourself, promoting yourself and ultimately and most importantly, passing it on to others. She embodies the art of happiness in everything she does and that has lead to her success. Hear her story and the wisdom she has to share.

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career#1 Get a Revolutionary Career with Christie Mims

Christie Mims has the #3 most downloaded show and her show notes page on this website has gotten the most hits in the past year. Christie is so popular because she is so passionate that you MUST be fulfilled in your career in order to be fulfilled in life. It makes sense given how much of our week is spent devoted to our work. She cares deeply and her clients are getting amazing results from participating in her programs. Be on the lookout this month for Christie’s return visit to Women Taking the Lead!

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